My philosophy on working out is simple: I believe in maximizing your time and efforts in your workouts. As long as you eat a sensible diet, you don’t have to workout for hours on end. Set goals and cross train your workouts to achieve maximum results!

With over 18 years experience in the health and industry, I have become an expert in getting proven results for clients ranging from professional athletes to celebrities to everyday moms. Along with my nutrition consulting business, Ultrafit Nutrition Systems, I am a personal trainer and instructor of Spinning, Muscle, and boxing classes.

I’ve produced and stared in my own exercise Video “The Ultrafit Fat Burning Video”, along with countless DVD’s and informercials, as well as network television specials. I’ve authored two fitness books, a cookbook, and am a top trainer on Exercise TV in addition to Good Morning San Diego fitness consultant and numerous media appearances.

Years ago, I weighed 40 more pounds than I do today. The poor habits of eating too many simple carbohydrates, not enough protein, and not drinking enough water had led to an increase in my weight. At the time, I was teaching two aerobic classes a day and certainly very active, but was also eating too much sugar and processed foods. I was a perfect example that one can workout every day (and very intensely) but with improper nutrition never see results! In fact, I believe that nutrition is 70% of the way your body looks and feels. Years later, I moved to San Diego and decided to practice what I preached.

Developing my nutrition plan, I lost the 40 pounds and have been able to keep it off for the past six years. Even after having my second baby, I feel better now than I ever have! My passion is helping people succeed in their healthy lifestyle journey. I feel good in reaching people all over with my videos and Ultrafit Nutrition plan. Being healthy is the only way to be!