“I’ve worked with professional and Olympic athletes, corportate groups and moms-on-the-go. By using the Ultrafit program and supplements, they’ve felt and performed better than ever. Below are just a few examples of the thousands of success stories. Now, it’s your turn!”

– Cindy Whitmarsh

Mari testimonial


A year ago, I started doing a 10 min exercise DVD because I wanted a flat stomach. Slowly I added more exercise DVD’s. It was really a challenge at first… But, after a few months, I was hooked. Exercise was FUN for me!… Today I am very pleased with my body. I love your exercise videos! It seems that you really care and are truly a nice person.

Candace testimonial

Candace Bonnie

…definitely a huge fan of your Incredible Abs series, it gets the job done. I have amassed a large collection of DVD’s now and have lost 70 pounds working out at home and have kept it off for 6 years. Thanks for inspiring me and keeping me motivated, I look forward to more of your fantastic workouts!

Haniya testimonial

Haniya Khan

Haniya is 5’2″ and went from 186 lbs to 105 lbs.

I wish there was a way I could thank you for what you did for me! You don’t  even know but your workouts changed my life! I just turned 30 this year and I wear outfits that I wore when I was 18.

Lisa testimonial

Lisa Marie Peterson

Lisa Marie is 5’9″, a mother of 4 and went from 180 lbs to 120 lbs!

Wow Cindy, your words really make me feel proud! For me, to have “Cindy  Whitmarsh” complimenting me on my success with weight loss is surreal…  It puzzles me that so many people say it’s impossible to do it, you know!!

Jeff testimonial


Jeffrey is a 45 heart attack survivor and went from 249 lbs to 205 lbs.

The great progress I’ve had doing more challenging exercises and the good health that I now have. Cindy’s Incredible Abs workout 1 and 2 a day and the 3 mile walk workout really helped my weight loss…

Past Clients Include:

Professional Football

Junior Seau

Junior Seau – Linebacker

Michael Turner

Michael Turner – Running Back

Nick Hardwick

Nick Hardwick – Center

Andrew Pinnock

Andrew Pinnoch – Running Backt

Brandon Manumaleuna

Brandon Manumaleuna – Tight End

Mikhael Ricks

Mikhael Ricks – Wide Receiver

Andre Reed

Andre Reed – Wide Reciever, Sports News Anchor

Aaron Taylor

Aaron Taylor – Guard, TV Sports Anchor

Professional Beach Volleyball

Mike Dodd

Mike Dodd – Olympic silver medalist

Dain Blanton

Dain Blanton – Olympic gold medalist

Jennifer Kessy

Jennifer Kessy – Olympic silver medalist

Chris McGee

Chris McGee

David Swatik

Dave Swatik

Lee LeGrande

Lee LeGrand

Barbra Fontana

Barbra Fontana

Other Professionals

The San Diego Chargers Girl Squad

Jill McGill

Jill McGill – WPGA

Jerry Tarkanian

Jerry Tarkanian – NCAA Basketball Coach

Robert Saver

Robert Saver – Pro Basketball Coach

Martin St. Amour

Martin St. Amour – Pro Hockey

Carlos Gonzalez

Carlos Gonzalez – Pro Motocross

Tamilee Webb

Tamilee Webb – Fitness

Scott Cole

Scott Cole – Tai Chi

Jeff & Jer

Jeff & Jer – Radio hosts

Susan Lennon

Susan Lennon – KUSI News

Misha Dibono

Misha Dibono – KUSI News

Kimberly Hunt

Kimberly Hunt – KUSI News