Hi, my fitness friends! I’m so glad you are taking the challenge! After having my baby I want to lose my last 10 pounds too so this is motivating me as well! First, you can see me every Wednesday on “Good Morning San Diego, KUSI News” in the 9am hour! I will be on every week motivating you and others to get fit and have fun with it! If you don’t live locally you can catch all the segments weekly on my website home page!

Here is a breakdown of how the challenge works! Sign up with only your email and the challenge will begin! Once you sign up, you will receive all the challenge rules and all the information you will need to get going! The best part, My Lose the Last 10 Pound Challenge is Totally free!!!!!!! On the first day you will receive all your nutrition tips and do’s and don’ts that will carry you through the entire 6 week plan! I will also guide you through the getting motivated and starting plan of goal setting and more!

You will receive weekly emails with motivation, nutrition and fitness tips and all kinds of fun and exciting ways to help you lose any extra pounds you want. The challenge is a total of 6 weeks! You can start whenever you want and I will be with you along with my emails for the next 6 weeks!

This challenge is for ANYONE who has unwanted pounds to shed! It doesn’t matter if you are 5 pounds overweight or 100 pounds over your goal weight! You will benefit from this program! This program is designed to help you get fit and healthy in an appropriate amount of time! If after the 6 weeks you still want to lose weight you can! You will have all the tools and guidance to help you continue on your journey! I will provide after challenge training and follow up as well!

Lets do this together and make 2013 the happiest and healthiest year ever!

Your friend and trainer,

Cindy Whitmarsh