Do you feel sluggish and “weighed down”?  Your body wants to be lean and strong, and I want to help you provide it with the fuel it needs, while at the same time revving up your metabolism to help trim off those unwanted pounds. Instead of dragging yourself to the gym for hours on end, we want to fuel the metabolic fire and create an effective and efficient weight loss cycle.

Below are frequently asked questions regarding our most popular 6 week challenge program. A program that has created extraordinary results for thousands of folks like you!

What It Is

A 6 Week Nutrition & Fitness Body Transformation Program.

Who It’s For

Members and Non-Members who are ready to take the challenge and want to learn about boosting their metabolism, losing weight, and maximizing their time and workouts.

What You Get

  • Weekly Ultrafit menus, grocery lists and recipes. Your food logs will be analyzed weekly.
  • Nutrition and fitness updates and handouts will be given each week.
  • You will have two, one hour, cross-training workouts per week.
  • Body fat testing and measurements will be taken before the challenge starts and again on the last week.
  • You will be held accountable each week by the Ultrafit Consultants by weekly weigh-ins and workouts at each session.
  • Results and prizes will be given on the 7th week.


  • Average wt. loss for 6 week program: 8-18lbs
  • Average % fat loss: 6-8% body fat
  • Average inches lost: 20-40 inches overall

Workouts Include

  • Wk 1: Core training (Ball and Bosu)
  • Wk 2: Cycle/Circuit training
  • Wk 3: Weight room training(free weights and machines)
  • Wk 4: Sports Conditioning training(inside and out)
  • Wk 5: Sport specific training (Beach Volleyball, Ski training)
  • Wk 6: Boot camp training (seal training)

Workout Philosophy

My philosophy on working out is this: I believe in maximizing your time and efforts in your workouts. As long as you eat a sensible diet, you don’t have to workout hours on end. Set goals and cross train your workouts to achieve maximum results!

Client Success Story

Cindy Whitmarsh and her Ultrafit Fat Burning workout have changed my entire life! I can now fit into my clothes and feel good about the way I look and feel. I have struggled with my body image throughout my entire life. With the help of the Ultrafit workout and the Nutritional guide, I was able to change my lifestyle. I was unhealthy, stressed, tired and over weight and now I am confident, healthy, and happy! — KRISTIN, BISMARCK ND

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