Cindy’s Favorite Upper Thigh and Lower Ab Exercises

cindy2I get questions all the time regarding lower abdominal and upper thigh exercises, so I decided to share some of my absolute favorites! I feel like these are totally normal questions and issues for women!
Ok, here we go!  First of all, nutrition is the key to every body part issue!  If your diet isn’t great then your body issues will only get worse!  Everyone has different problem areas so they will stick out if your diet isn’t on track!  Keeping a food log is key to keeping your nutrition on track! It is the absolute key to your success!  I also have nutrition menus and plans on my site if you need extra help or my cookbook if you need recipe ideas too!
  • Plea squats
  • Side lunge push offs
  • Curtsy lunges
  • Plyo lunges
  • Alt forward curtsy lunges
  • Low sliding lunges
  • Reverse crunches
  • Reverse crunches alt legs up
  • Leg drop into hip raise
  • Frog legged pulses, bottom of feet together, knees out, pulses
  • Scissor kicks
  • Twisted mountain climbers

OMG!  I am so excited about my new workout DVDs!  There are 6, 20 minute interval workouts that combine high intensity cardio to burn max calories with specific body sculpting intervals designed to target certain body parts to get maximum results!  There is no fluffy grape vines exercises!  Just really good workouts to demand results!  There is an upper body, lower body, full body, abs, total cardio and a stretch and sculpt workout!  They are all super fun and the energy in the workouts are great!  I hope you like them too!  Keep watching my Facebook page and also, sign up on my website to get on the free mailing list for specials and announcements!  Thank you for your loyalty and interest.

Stay Fit and Healthy! 
Cindy Whitmarsh

Cindy’s Top Fast Food Restaurants in San Diego

Around San Diego

I have 3 kids.  Jaden 13, Kendall 9, and Gavin 1.5 years old!  My husband works for Fox and the Padres as a game analyst on air so he is gone almost every day!  We are crazy busy and sometimes have to eat out in a hurry, but we still maintain a healthy lifestyle.  My pet peeve is when someone says, “I can’t lose weight because I am so busy and we eat out all the time!”  That is just hogwash!  You can do it.  You just have to be selective and picky when it comes to ordering out.  I have to say that since I have discovered FitZee foods, my life has gotten so much easier!  My entire family loves the bars and foods!  It makes it easy to make different dinners for everyone quick and easy and we are all happy! My girls are in crazy competitive sports and they love the bars in between games for both beach volleyball and soccer!  Here are a few of my other favorites!



  1. Crazy Bowls and Wraps Pacific Beach (High Protein bowl)
  2. Lean and Green – La Jolla (Organic everything!  Low fat tuna salad)
  3. FitZee Foods – Union Square (Delivery/dairy free/gluten free/low carb/Paleo friendly amazing bars) (Fav Tofu mac n cheese)
  4. Jersey Mikes – All over (Wheat, turkey or veggie wraps)
  5. Rubios – All over CA (Health Mex menu)
  6. Evolution Fast Food – Downtown (100% Vegan/South of the Border Burger)
  7. Panera Bread – All over (Whole grain chicken sandwich/salads/soup)
  8. Wrap up!  Order grilled/non fried/salads/low fat dressings/take off half the bun/no cheese/no supersize/water on the side/no sodas!!!!!!!!