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Say buh-bye to cellulite

Dealing with cellulite is less than fun and since there is no such thing as spot training your only hope is to build the muscles in your legs. There are those who have taken drastic majors by having the fat sucked out from here and there on their bodies but why resort to that if […]


7. Use the buddy system. “Working out with someone else is not only more fun but also more motivating; you’re less likely to skip the workout if you know you have to meet someone,” says Cindy Whitmarsh, KUSI-TV fitness expert and creator of Ultrafit Nutrition Systems. “Working out with someone else also holds you accountable. “I’ve found that accountability […]

Best Indoor Workouts

Living through one of the snowiest winter’s on record is challenging in itself, but trying to get a workout in when it’s cold outside can be extremely difficult also. Whether it’s too cold, snowy or rainy outside to go for a run, practice yoga in your yard or even to drive to the gym, we’ve got you […]

Diets in Review: 3-Move HIIT Workout for Fast Full-body Toning!

The popularity of High Intensity Interval Training (“HIIT”) has surged, and if you haven’t tried it yet now is the time.  I just released three new DVDs based on HITT, which I call my  Ultra Focused Interval Training (UFIT) program. What exactly is HIIT? It’s a workout that is meant to push speed, endurance, and strength […]