Cindy’s Nutrition and Fitness Myths Answered!


Nutrition/Fitness Myths Answered!

I talk to clients every day who ask me, can I eat this, can I do that and still lose weight? I love the questions! Makes my job so much fun to do but I totally get that there is so much information out there and I totally get that it gets confusing. Every day some new information comes out about what is good for you and what isn’t.  So here are some myths answered!

Can you eat right before bed and still lose weight?

Yes!  As long as the meal is in the amount of calories you should have for the day, the timing of the meal doesn’t matter.  It has been proven however, that people who eat on the early side overall eat less calories in the long run.  This is why I love the FITzee foods because the meals are all portioned out for you!  There is no guess work with the amount of calories because the amounts are right on the package!  You can plan your entire day of meals and be spot on for your calories for the day!  I love it!

Can you spot reduce?

No!  You have to eat good nutrition and do a mix of cardio and weights for overall fitness.  You can’t just work one area and expect results!  FITzee foods provides both lean meals and bars for quick results!  They also have free workouts so you have no excuses!

Do organic foods pack more nutrients than conventional foods?

Not necessarily!  Although buying organic fruits and veggies helps protect the environment, research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that they have no nutritional advantage!

Should workout on an empty stomach?

No!  Your body needs fuel to be the most efficient!  I prefer to eat at least an hour before I workout.  My new favorite pre workout meal is a FITzee bar!  They have both protein and good carbs to fuel you for a great workout!  My favorite is the Coconut Almond Chip!  Yummy!

Brown eggs are better than white?

No! Both are the same!

Wheat foods are bad?

No!  Only 7% of Americans are allergic to wheat!  Watch your portions and wheat can actually be a good carb.

Pasta makes you fat?

No!  Just stick to small portions and add protein!  I like wheat pasta the best!

Loading up on fruit helps you lose weight?

No! Your body doesn’t know the difference between good sugars and bad sugars but this doesn’t mean you can’t eat fruit!  Fruit has amazing vitamins, fiber and nutrients your body needs!  I would stick to 2 portions a day and always mix with a protein you will be fine!

I hope this answers some of the questions you may have regarding all the crazy information out there! Stay healthy my friends!

Yours in fitness,

Cindy Whitmarsh