Cindy’s Tips for Surviving the Holiday!

cindy chirstmas1.  Don’t be a starver and a binger– Many people make the mistake of starving themselves all day before a big party or dinner!  It is so important to start your day with a good breakfast and then continue to eat every 3 hours before your event.  This will jump start your metabolism and keep you from over eating or binging at the event!  I love the FitZee foods for my small meals before an event!  They are the perfect portion size, they tell you exactly how many calories you are eating and they keep you satisfied all day!  I also like the FitZee bars too because they satisfy your sweet tooth and help you get through the holidays without gaining excess weight!
2.  Stick to 1 sinful treat- Make a plan before you go to your party!  Pick one carb like product.   I always say, never do a triple carb!  So don’t have a glass of wine, a bread like product and a dessert in one meal!  Choose one and stick to just one!
3.  Stop licking the backing spoons– One spoon of cookie dough can be up to 200 calories!  OMG really?  Don’t!  Make your kids do the tasting!
4.  Leave treats out only for parties– Lots of peeps like to leave out bowls of candy all season long even when there are no guests!  Don’t do that!  You know you will grab one every time you walk by it!  Those small candies add up my friend!
5.  Account for what you eat- Get a nutrition app on your phone!  I like MyFitnessPal!  Its free, you put in all your foods and workouts!  It makes you accountable and its motivating to workout so you get to eat more!  I love the FitZee foods meals too because they tell you exactly how many calories are in each one so it allows you to add your daily calories up fast and easy!  Love it!
For more info?  Check out my coverage below from KUSI!
Holiday Partner Workout!
1.  Med ball jump and pass
2.  Wind mill pass
3.  Balance pass
4.  Burpee pass
5.  4 turn pass
6.  Push up and pass
7.  Sit up and pass
8.  Vsit rotate and pass
The video of the above workout is below!