Alternate Sources of Protein During Pregnancy

Can’t stomach poultry? Does red meat or fish make you queasy? Cindy’s Baby Bump loves protein-rich dairy, quinoa, legumes, and even some veggies! We’ve got some yummy snack ideas for when you just can’t figure out WHAT to eat! And the recipes posted on Cindy Whitmarsh Fitness are always a terrific resource!

Tips to Help You Survive “Morning Sickness”

Taking the right supplements, taking those supplements at the right time, controlling blood sugar high’s/low’s, and staying hydrated are the keys to reducing “morning sickness”. This is SUCH a common complaint from the Cindy’s Baby Bump fans – you’re not alone! Make sure you check out Cindy Whitmarsh Fitness for great recipes and tips to keep that blood sugar under control!

Seafood Safety During Pregnancy

As always, Cindy’s Baby Bump wants you to have a healthy and safe pregnancy, so when it comes to seafood, keep it moderate and keep it cooked! Of course we want you to ask your own doctor what they think about different types of seafood, but if you’re worried about getting enough Omega oils in your diet, a supplement like the Cindy Whitmarsh Ultra Omega Oil can give you what you need!

Can We Really Avoid Stretch Marks?

You can spend a ridiculous amount of money on pills and creams (some of which shouldn’t be used during pregnancy!), but it’s not about what you put ON your skin, it’s about what you put in your body. Now, stretch marks do have a genetic component, but by nurturing your body from the inside-out will help prevent them. The Ultra Omega Oil offered on Cindy Whitmarsh Fitness will keep your skin moisturized and you’ll notice a definite difference! Stay hydrated, keep weight gain reasonable, get rid of the junk in your diet (NO SODA!), and don’t stress!

Caffeine & Pregnancy – How Much Is Too Much?

Save some money and stop buying those crazy expensive coffee drinks! Would you consider switching to green tea? Get your energy naturally from the healthy foods you eat every day – your baby will thank you for it!

What are Safe and Effective Pregnancy Workouts?

30 minutes of cardio, 5-6 times a week will definitely keep you feeling fit and healthy. Swimming is a-ma-zing, power walking is something you can do anytime and anywhere, using a stationary bike, and low-impact cardio classes are all terrific options. Maintaining (or even increasing) lean muscle mass will keep your metabolism on fire. There are fun workout videos as well as easy-to-use exercise tools like tubes, balls and jump ropes are all available on the Cindy Whitmarsh Fitness web site,

Cindy Whitmarsh Shares Her Pregnancy Cravings

Is a craving really a craving? Listen to that craving and think about what your body is telling you! A 1 lb. bag of gummy bears? Don’t do it! Eating throughout the day and controlling blood sugar, staying hydrated, and LISTENING to your body is soooo important. And when push comes to shove, indulge that craving, but in moderation! Check our Cindy’s Baby Bump for fantastic snack ideas!

Welcome to Cindy’s Baby Bump Video Blog

Welcome to the first Cindy Whitmarsh Fitness Pregnancy Video Blog! Cindy’s Baby Bump will be the best (and most fun!) nutrition and fitness resource for all of you preggo mamma’s out there! We’ll incorporate advice about my favorite supplements, like my Ultra Omega Oil, as well as show you how to use fitness tools like a jump rope or exercise band to keep yourself in tip-top shape for your new addition! Make sure to check in and see what’s new on Cindy’s Baby Bump whenever you can!