What not to say to a pregnant woman!

OMG! Why is it that people just don’t know what to say to a pregnant woman? Here are a few of my favorites! Tell me yours! Cindy
1. Wow! You have really popped! What I want to say: First of all, don’t start your sentence with WOW when you see me and yes I’ve popped I pregnant you jack!
2. Ahhhhhhh! Do you feel fat or do you feel pretty? What I want to say: First of all, my baby and I are healthy, so thats all I care about and walk your skinny butt away from me before I show you how I feel!
3. Oh! You are due in Oct? Wow! That seems so far! What I want to say: Really? Does it seem far to you because its a lifetime to me! Go away!
4. I just love the pregnant belly (as they rub me down). What I want to say: I don’t even know you! What are you touching me? My senses are heightened and you smell like garbage, GO AWAY!

Ok, those are just a few! Ill share more later! I’ve got plenty! Cin

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